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04 June 2012

sunday best: pregnancy edition

So, pretty much the only maternity items I own are dresses. This is for the simple reason that I have yet to find a maternity piece that actually fits right... and dresses are the easiest to make work. This one is no different, I absolutely love it except for the fact that it's about a foot too long. I would hem it, but I've discovered that stretch knits and I don't get along when it comes to a sewing machine. And I'm pretty sure it would cost just as much as I paid for it to get it professionally altered. Plus I'm feeling pretty lazy these days (I blame it on the heat). So I just deal with it.

dress: Target Maternity (bought it online, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten it due to the length)
sweater: Old Navy (little girl's!)  (normally I wouldn't have bothered with the sweater since it's hot as hades right now, but I learned last week that the church building is now kept absolutely frigid so I made sure I was covered)
shoes: Charlotte Russe (one of the best purchases I made last summer, they go with everything)
belt: Forever 21


And I'm really glad I started doing these Sunday Best posts because it means I get pictures of myself that I like, a rarity. Especially when I'm pregnant. This week I got a new one to add to my favorites:

(don't you love my ombre hair??? Move to El Paso and you can have it without any effort too!!)

I would also tell you what week picture this is, but I honestly no longer have any idea how far along I am. Baby Center and my doctor both tell me different things, plus I'm measuring off and the baby is measuring off, so who knows when he'll pop out. I'm hoping to get things straightened out at my next visit...