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28 September 2012

i'm not gonna lie.

Three kids is tough. I think it may be because they now outnumber how many arms I have.

And I can't forget the puppy is in the mix too. Although she is growing up fast (I can't wait until she's not a puppy anymore!!).

Don't worry, we are doing fine, I just seem to have left my brain behind half the time.

But thankfully I'm adjusting to our new normal (even if it's slowly) and am managing to keep us all alive too. I may not get us all dressed until lunchtime and the kids may only get bathed when we have social engagements, but we are alive!

And, I'm getting to the point where I am finding my children charming and hilarious more often than frustrating and annoying. They make it pretty easy though when they say things like "What's up pussycat?" and "Hi Nommy!"

So here are some photos of my munchkins, aren't they swell?


Now, if only I can get my clothes to fit then things will be awesome.


  1. You have a beautiful famiy!

  2. So beautiful, and those cheeks!! What a cutie. :)

    (We don't shower around here unless there is a special occasion either. You are NOT alone.) ;)