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01 October 2012

sunday best: pregnancy edition

Since nothing fits right now and I have a couple pregnancy outfits I never got around to sharing, today we're doing a little flashback to the belly! These were taken right around my birthday so the fancy bright green bracelet I'm wearing is the gift I got in primary when they sang to me. (definitely one of the perks of being in primary!) You can't tell in this picture, but my cowboy boots have some purple stitching in them that this dress matched perfectly. (also, my legs got NO sun this summer. And you can tell....) I'm not sure how many weeks I was here, but it would've been about 2 months before my due date (I know I could figure it out if I tried, but math takes too much effort right now).

dress: Motherhood Maternity
shoes: discount boot store in Oklahoma.



  1. Such a cute outfit, especially the boots! :)

  2. Can I just say that I want to raid your closet!