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22 June 2007

22 on the 22nd

Today is my 22nd birthday! Twenty-two years ago my mom was nice enough to push me out and now I've done the same for Max. Life is kind of funny- even though I'm turning 22, I don't feel 22. I suppose I feel older than that in some ways, but in others I feel younger. It's almost like I haven't aged since I got married. Looking back, I can see the changes that have occured, but I don't FEEL any different. And the years have flown by. I still feel like Rob and I just got married- it's confusing thinking of when certain things, like vacations and stuff, happened. I guess from when I got married on until I die will feel like the same amount of time as my childhood. But anyway, enough deep thinking. In honor of my birthday here are a few of my baby pictures... and one of Rob. Now everyone can compare Max to us- let us know who you think he looks like!

Me the day I was blessed

Around 3 weeks

Me and my brother Hunter

Me and Hunter a few months later- I'm starting to catch up to him in size, and in another year or two people start to think we're twins

Me and my chubby face

My mom loves overalls

This is what Max looks like from the back

I look like a boy

About a year old

And here is Rob- this is my absolute favorite baby picture of him


  1. How come you look like a boy and rob looks like a girl? ha ha just kidding. Happy birthday! Those baby pictures are too cute. I can't believe you were so big as a baby, because now you are so small! And I think right now, Max totally looks like you.

    Thanks for sharing those adorable baby pictures! I don't have many baby pictures because alas I am the middle child and I am always forgotten about. Michelle was the first, and Donovan the baby....they just weren't that into taking pictures of me!

  2. Max looks just like you Jackie! He has your baby face and Rob's hair!!
    SO CUTE!

  3. Wow--I can't believe you had all the chub on ya when you were a baby, Jackie. TOOOO cute. I never would've guessed.

    And I'm with Natalie and Kelly, I think Max looks a lot like you, but I didn't realize how much until we saw your baby pics.

    Happy Birthday! June is a great birth month, if ya ask me.

  4. Happy Birthday Jackie!!! Sorry it's a little late, I was in Atlanta. : )

    Max definitely looks like you, but I see Rob in there too. It's a toss up for me!