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19 June 2007

Rub a Dub Dub

After 3 years in our house, we are finally refurbishing our bathroom. Since we got married and I moved in, the bathroom has been like a bad spot on piece of fruit- as an interior architecture student, it drives me nuts. Before Rob and I were married he lived there with his roommate Nayte and it never bothered them that much, so they didn't mess with it. It, however, failed to pass my approval. I love the rest of our house and so it made me sad to see the bathroom in such terrible shape. Rob inherited the house when he was a teenager but didn't need a residence, so the house was rented until 4 years ago when Rob left the military. Unfortunately, as is the case in a lot of rentals, it wasn't taken care of very well, and definitely wasn't loved and appreciated. As a result, it showed. The bathroom just showed it a little more than the rest of the house (the kitchen is next). But now I am fixing it.

Here is a before picture of the one and only bathroom in our house- it's teeny!

Notice the door hitting the toilet

And the sink falling off the wall

The lovely stained linoleum

The priceless fake tile wall covering

I do believe this is how the camel crickets get in

The rotting baseboards

And what it currently looks like after some demolition- the floor still needs to be ripped up and floor joists replaced and the ceiling need to be torn down.

Lucky for us, my parents have room to house us while our only bathroom is in this condition. And while things seem to be moving at a snail's pace, we are so excited to finally have a bathroom where we don't cringe whenever we walk in. And once its done, we won't have any reason not to have people over! (Although the kitchen isn't so great either, but at least it isn't GROSS like the bathroom was)


  1. I fear that the hideous wall paper in our kitchen might take 3 years before we get to it too!

    Are you guys doing this yourselves? If so I am very impressed and want to know how!

  2. Yes, we are doing it ourselves with the help of my dad. Unfortunately, right now we can only work on it after Rob gets off work so its pretty slow going, but we are progressing! Today Rob cut the old pipes so we can move the drains and he and I started laying the new subfloor, and tomorrow Rob is going to get our new toilet and install all the new plumbing. Exciting! Then my dad and I will start framing, then he and Rob will put up drywall, and then installing the flooring, and then I will probably do all the finish work (my expertise). I forgot to take the camera today so no current pictures, but I will remember next time I go over so we can keep everyone updated. And when we're all done everyone will have to come tinkle in our beautiful new bathroom!

  3. Amazing! I am so impressed! Are you guys putting down tile floor? If so you need to teach us because we want to put tile in our kitchen and bathroom.

  4. You guys are SO brave. Andrew replaced our kitchen faucet before we moved and we thought he was pretty hot stuff for accomplishing that. Can't imagine trying this project, but am excited to see the "after" pics.

  5. Wow!!!! I can't believe you are doing this yourself. That is pretty impressive. Seth and I bought some tile at Home Depot about 3 years ago because it was on clearance and we thought we might replace the tile in our old house. Yeah....that never happened. So we contiunue to move and bring all of that tile with us wherever we go. : ) Maybe someday we will get brave and use it!