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25 June 2007

My Favorite Things...

I love being a mom to Max and everyday he manages to thrill me in some way. These are just a few of my favorite things he does...

1. When he reaches for me when he wants me
2. How he rotates his ankles when he's content
3. The random roaming of his hand when he nurses
4. When he sings along to the vacuum
5. His range of voice- from soft and husky to loud and shrill
6. How he crosses his ankles when sitting in his carseat
7. His deep belly laugh
8. His chunky thighs
9. How he looks like a dancer in his doorway jumper
10. When he feeds himself cheerios
11. His "I give up" stance when he's on his stomach
12. When he splashes in the bath or the pool
13. His cute little bum
14. His hair
15. His dimples
16. How he cuddles when he's asleep
17. The way he plays with his tongue when he's teething
18. How much he loves his grandparents
19. His excited "dance"
20. His reaction when he sees his dad after an extended period of time

I could go on and on and on (thats how it seems to be when you're a parent) but these are just a few. Being a parent can be tough, but it is definitely worth it- and a ton of fun. And Max makes everything worth it.


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  2. Jackie, what a sweet list! I love reading things like this on blogs. If we had kids, our blog would be a lot less travel adventure oriented, and a lot more like this. Max is a very lucky little boy. : )

  3. That is such a sweet and precious list! You should frame it for Max one day. It makes me want to become a mom one day! I love Max's hair too.