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11 November 2007

Close to Home

As many of you know, I have been MIA for the past couple of months. I've been designing an exhibit with my studio class at school and while it was a ton of fun, I'm so glad it's over. But it is up in the gallery in the Maud Gatewood studio arts building at UNCG if anyone is interested in seeing it. It'll be up through November, so if you want to go make sure you do it before then. The exhibit is titled Close to Home: Edward Loewenstein and modernism in Greensboro and is about Edward Loewenstein the architect and the impact he made on Greensboro in the 50s and 60s.

Max is our studio mascot- he's been there for almost every meeting or work day. Luckily, everyone loves him so there were no issues.

Loewenstein taught at UNCG (then Woman's College) a couple of years- the class he taught was a combined art and home economic majors and they designed and built a house. Here is the class in front of the 1965 commencement house (there were 3 built, and they were called commencement houses because the juniors and seniors built them).

My class went to Wellspring retirement community to interview people who lived in Loewenstein houses or knew him, and afterward we took this picture with Jane Levy, Loewenstein's daughter.

A few of us at Elon University School of law where another part of the exhibit is. The building it's in is the old Greensboro public library- a building designed by Edward Loewenstein and Gregory Ivy. We had just finished installing and are pretty happy with ourselves.

Me and Ashley at the opening event at Elon- it was a pretty fancy coktail party.

Max being grumpy at the opening event at Gatewood.

Max and I talking at the Gatewood opening- Max in his suit jacket and me in my vintage garb.

Rob and I in front of the exhibit- not the best picture of Rob, I think he was just ready to go at this point.

The class posing for one more group photo at the opening- this time our professor Patrick is in with us.

The exhibit at Gatewood- we designed and built everything you see except the benches.


  1. Wow! Your exhibit looks awesome! We will have to go and check it out. I can't believe you guys designed and built all that stuff! Crazy. You amaze me. That picture of you and Max is so cute. You guys are adorable.

  2. I'm glad it's over, but glad you did it! You will always remember this accomplishment. And I also love the picture of you and Max talking. That is priceless.

  3. Congrats, Jackie! School is SOOOO much work. I'm glad you're hanging in there.

    One question: How did you end up in the back row of that first group picture? I bet that doesn't happen often!

    I don't know my way around UNCG AT ALL but I would love to go see your exhibit.

  4. For some reason they put the shortest people in the back- I guess 'cause we were standing at the top of the steps so they thought it would help give us some height. But you can see that it still didn't help- my face is still halfway blocked.

  5. You guys did an amazing job! Congratulations!!

  6. Awesome, congratulations. We'd love to see it. What hours is the exhibit open, and can we bring a crazy baby with us?