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17 November 2007


This is the HUGE pile of laundry I had waiting for me once the exhibit was over. It's pathetic, I know. You should see the rest of the house- it's a disaster area. A point in my defense, though- it's hard to keep up with housework when you get home after 10pm if you make it home at all, only to get up and out the door before 9am. But it is a greatly diminished pile now, and the house is slowly coming together (very slowly). And last Wednesday I skipped class to go to the park- pathetic, I know, but it was a gorgeous day and Max and I needed some time together. I'm glad we went even if I skipped class- the next day the temperature dropped drastically.
Max and I with the beautiful foliage.

We fed the geese and ducks - it's amazing how close they get!

Then we swung on the swings- Max's favorite! He is such a little daredevil- a gentle push is not enough for him, he wants his stomach to flip flop.

Then he climbed on the jungle gym and had a blast. At one point he was blocked by another little girl and started crying 'cause he couldn't get his way, and after that the other parents wouldn't let their kids near Max. It was really weird- one mom started yelling at her daughter 'cause she was too close, so we left not long after that so we wouldn't cause any more drama.

My little cutie. It was wonderful to spend some time, just mom and Max. It makes me really look forward to when I can be a stay at home mom for real. The other day I went to school to get some stuff and I realized that I don't miss that place one iota (we aren't meeting as a class again until after Thanksgiving). Thank goodness I have less than a year left- I don't think I could make it any longer than that. I really miss not being there for every little thing.


  1. Jackie, you could have a career in photography. These were GREAT photos! And been there done that on the laundry thing. Michael and I have agreed that laundry is the bane of my existance!

  2. Those pictures so are so stinking cute! That pile of laundry made me laugh out loud. You crack me up. I am glad you guys take some time out of your busy schedule for mommy son time. It is very important!

  3. Boo on laundry! Yay for skipping class! Great post, Jackie.

  4. Yeah for skipping class....that was my major in college.