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20 November 2007

I offer you my services...

After Shelley's comment on my last post I realized I haven't really let people know what I'm planning on doing after I graduate. Jax Harmon Photography will officially open for business this summer, but in the meantime I am constantly on the lookout for photo opportunities. So, what I am proposing is the in view of the upcoming season, and the fact that I'm sure people other than me like to have family photos taken around this time, I am offering my photographer's services for free (you'll get a cd of the pictures) to whoever is interested (as long as I know you). Now, this may seem like I'm throwing away a lot of money, but there is a catch: you have to blab about me to everyone you know. I do portraits, weddings, scenic, anything that you need a camera for. And not only do I get free advertising, I get to beef up my portfolio. So, if you are interested you can let me know on here or email me and we'll work put the details from there. Now, just so you know, I have a photo-journalistic style, which means that I work better when you do your thing and I take photos. Now, that doesn't mean I won't put you in some poses or give you direction, it just means that it's ok if you talk or move. And finally, I'm putting on a video of my work so you can see if it appeals to you at all. I made it with imovie and it's a great program, but tends to give poor image quality- I assure that the originals are crisp and the colors accurate.


  1. One of the best things about your photographic style is that it is a perspective that I'm not really used to. You're always looking up at people....I don't get to do that very often.


  2. The Holmes are in! Let's talk soon:)

  3. You are awesome! We will definately spread the word when your business is up and running.

  4. You are hired. I would like to do some Christmas pics and Shaelyn's 1 year old pics. I'll call you to arrange a time.

  5. I would love to do some maternity pictures. Most places want to take pictures of pregnant women wrapped up in sheets. Not my thing...I would be so happy to have you take pictures of us! YAY!!!