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11 April 2008

It may not be Nemo, but it's close enough.

Rob's parents own Aquamain's Fish World, and whenever we go there to see Rob we usually end up wandering the aisles looking at all the fish. As Finding Nemo is one of Max's favorite movies, he will usually spot all the fish from the movie in the store and gets really excited about fish in general. I just happen to be a fish killer (as well as a plant killer) so we don't have a fancy tank in our house. But I figured we could probably handle a betta, and they got some really cool betta kits in the store, so we're trying out the fish again (I've had two bettas- Oh!Henry who was a good fish and led a full, happy life and Bernini who was a very angry fish and did not last because of it, and kept guppies and other "easy" fish to breed, but they had a tendency to die before getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. It was sad). Anyway, so now we have a new addition- Rex. So far, so good. He eats, which is a good sign.

Since he is "Max's" fish he got to help set the itty bitty tank up. That involved dumping half the gravel onto the floor. And yes, that is tape holding the top on because Max kept taking it off. But he really enjoyed it, and loves the tank. He even calls Rex "fishie." As Max is still more the silent type, it's really cute.

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  1. So cute. Max has his first pet! What a milestone! I hope Rex has a full life as well.