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06 May 2008

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I love this show! Kids crack me up, so a show that features kids entertains me to no end. Things like this:

One of the kids wanted their turn being pulled behind the toy car, but another child (Joel) was in it.
Kate(This is not an exact quote, but close): "Say: ' Joel, may I please have my turn?'"
the child (either Collin or Aaden) walks up to Joel and says: "Out."

Classic sibling dynamics.

While the show has typical reality tv characteristics, like causing drama by doing things all together that usually probably wouldn't (like all going shopping together or all going to the dentist together), it is still "real." They are not perfect, and we get to watch as they lose it sometimes, but they are a real family with real issues. And not only a family, but Jon and Kate are a real couple. I think the thing that really endeared me to the show was an episode where they were answering questions people emailed them. During the episode they showed various clips, and after a question or comment about Jon and Kate loving each other or something along those lines they showed a clip of Jon and Kate at the kitchen sink one night. As they were standing side by side doing the dishes or whatever Jon leaned over and was whispering in her ear and growling and stuff and all I could think was, this is what being married and having a family is about. They may get snappy at each other and Kate may be a little high strung (and how can you not be with 6 toddlers?) but at the end of the day they really do love each other and it's that love that gets them through every crazy day. So that's why I love Jon and Kate and their 8.


  1. I have never seen this, but heard lots about it. When does it come on? And what channel?

  2. Love this show. Jon and Kate crack me up! I'm Kate. I'm a dictator and hit my hubby on occasion. Hilarious!