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07 May 2008


Colleges are set up to torture it's students. My classes are done, they have been since Monday, but I'm in limbo land, waiting for my final exams. I have one tomorrow, but then I have to wait until Monday for my other one. In the meantime, I'm all set for a break, and it sure feels like one, except I need to study today. And then it'll feel like another break after tomorrow, except I'll need to study for Monday. Honestly, I'd rather do them both the same day than have all this "study time." It's frustrating.


  1. I totally know that feeling. Good luck though! Knock em out!

  2. i'll sigh with ya. i hated that about school. i always wished they'd let us pick our own test schedule. if we want to take them all at once, then we should be able too, right.