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29 January 2009

25 things

This is actually something going around facebook, but I'm putting it here too. You're supposed to list 25 random things about you then tag some people, but I'm not tagging anyone (although if you want to do it I'll read it!)

1. I got married 8 days after my 19th birthday and don't regret it one bit.

2. I have a major crush on Daniel Craig, closely followed by Christian Bale.

3. I'm actually not that fond of toddlers. I think they're adorable and hilarious but prefer them in small doses.

4. I had more patience before I had a child.

5. You know how some people have trouble losing weight? Well, I have trouble gaining it. (and it's not as nice a problem as you would think it'd be)

6. I've known since I was 12 that I will be the one to take care of my parents in their old age, and have planned my retirement accordingly (and no, they did not coerce me into it, I made the decision on my own). (I'm the responsible child)

7. I miss Fredericksburg with all my heart but will never live there again.

8. Bacon, onions, and vanilla coke are my favorite things in the world.

9. I want to have a lot of kids. Like 7 or 9. If the Harmon line dies, it will not be MY fault.

10. I read. a lot. and quickly.

11. My mood is directly related to how much sunshine there is.

12. I love the desert tremendously but am not sure I could give up my trees.

13. I get overwhelmed really easily. And when it happens I have a tendency to retreat from public life.

14. I am painfully shy- overcoming that is a constant battle. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

15. Growing up people thought my brother and I were twins 'cause we're the same size (and still are). In reality we're two years apart.

16. I want to renovate my house like it's going out of style (and it is).

17. I want to visit every continent and all 50 states before I die.

18. I buy children's books based solely on the illustrations. Ones from the 60s and 70s are my favorite.

19. Once we're retired and I don't have kids to take care of anymore I want to go to UVA and get my masters in Landscape Architecture.

20. I am sick of Max eating my food. Real sick.

21. I like to make things.

22. I am really stubborn. It's not a good trait. And Max has it too so all I want to do is beat my head against the wall some days.

23. Max is only two but he can already physically push me around. (he's a third of my weight, go figure)

24. I'm a direct descendant of Geoffrey Chaucer- I think he's my ninth Great-Grandfather.

25. I'm distantly related to both George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush through marriage.

max and I reading my favorite children's book: Where the Wild Things Are (and yes, this book did influence Max's naming and it was also the first children's book I bought when I got pregnant)


  1. ah, Christian Bale...me too!

  2. Did you have more patience before you had kids, or had it just not been tested to this extent? :)

    Onions make your top three list? Interesting.

  3. Ran into your blog through the Normal Mormon Husband one...my maiden name is Harmon...wonder if we're related :)

  4. I love the photo! That definately gets you mother of the year!!! I hope our little one likes to be read to and cuddled if only for one story! He is going to love that picture when he is older!

  5. I loved #17. Visiting every continent is one of my life-long goals. Daniel and my dream vacation is going to Spain (so he can show me all of the amazing things he saw on his mission) and then taking a ferry down to Morrocco (so I can say I've been to the African continent). Someday...

  6. That's my favorite book too! And Christian Bale is soo hot!