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23 January 2009

what winter is supposed to look like...

Since living in North Carolina, I can count on one hand the number of times it has snowed (besides flurries that never stick) and it drives me crazy! Instead, it's cold (but not cold enough to actually freeze anything) and rainy so you get wet every time you go outside and then freeze because it's cold. This winter it actually snowed BEFORE Thanksgiving and that had me hopeful we would get more snow (maybe even for Christmas!). But, I was let down and have been hoping for snow to no avail. UNTIL THIS WEEK! It snowed Monday night and we woke up to an inch or so of snow Tuesday morning!! It made my day, and Max didn't mind either.

It doesn't look like he's dressed warm enough in the pictures (swishy pants and tennis shoes?) but assure you had had on about 4 layers AND I was successful in keeping a hat on him!

This last photo is my favorite from the day- that was the exact expression I got every time I tried to talk to him. The "mom, I'm busy with the snow. Leave me alone" face.

All the snow is pretty much melted now, but I'm hoping we'll get some again!


  1. I love the look he is giving you. I want more snow too!

  2. Love those cute photos. I am glad you guys had fun playing in the snow.

  3. his coat is so so so cute! and so is he--i would gladly give you some of our utah snow if i could--goodness know we have feet of it to spare!

  4. Oh, but I miss the short winters in North Carolina. I want spring!!! We have to wait a couple months longer than you guys do for spring! Snow is nice for Christmas but that's it!
    So much fun for Max though!

  5. great pics as usual. if i had money, i would hire you as my personal photographer and you could just follow me around all the time and take pictures of me and my family whenever. you know, like when i'm giving birth, fun stuff like that... :)

  6. When I read your post title, I thought you were going to have pics of yesterday's 60 degree weather. That's MY idea of what winter is supposed to look like. :)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos Jax. Stunning.

    I laughed out loud over the "precis" verification. Beats the one I had last night for sure: "prick"