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08 January 2009

cleaning out the attic.

After a chaotic end to 2008, we are finally getting ourselves organized for 2009 (it's not my fault we weren't ready last week- we all got some bug that kept us down New Year's Eve to this past Tuesday). I've started with a very thorough cleaning and organizing of the house, then on to getting my business on the web and a few little projects I've had up my sleeve for a long time, plus I'm trying to be a better mom to Max. Rob and I have/will be (like I said, the illness has put us behind) made/making some major resolutions that involve organizing and scheduling our lives- I'm hoping they'll stick! But the biggest thing I'm hoping will come with the changes we're trying to make is updating the blog more. We'll see. My problem is all the blog delicious-ness that comes to mind is while I'm in bed at night trying to fall asleep. I'm going to have to work on that.

Anyway, I came across this picture from a trip to the farmer's market last fall and had to share.

I just love my child.


  1. We had the same thing for New Years week. It lasted forever! I know what you mean about cleaning.

  2. we are trying to be more organized too :). It scares me what will happen when the baby comes though!

  3. happy new year. i made a resolution to update the blog twice a week. do-able, i figured, and not something i can beat myself up over. and i too am always writing amazing blog posts in my head, always when i'm not by a computer. and when i get by the computer, NO TIME! so the same old, same old blog posts get posted. hopefully as i stick to my goal, more creative posts will come. good luck to both of us!