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31 March 2009

i am over the moon!

I'm so excited to tell you that I will be going to San Francisco this summer!!! I will be attending Jonathan Canlas' (who is a FABULOUS photographer) Film is Not Dead workshop in July.

I'm not gonna lie, when Shelley posted about her upcoming trip kid-free, I was jealous. I never thought Rob would ever let me do anything like that, but he did! When I emailed him today about it I thought he'd shoot it down, but he was really supportive and agreed it'd be a fabulous opportunity for me. So I'm going! No dirty diapers or little feet poking me in the middle of the night combined with learning from an amazing photographer equals my idea of a fantastic vacation. Plus, I get to knock another state off my list! (It's my goal to visit all 50 states before I die)

I can't wait!!!


  1. Yeah for you!

    That is so exciting, Jackie.

    And way to go, Rob, too. (I'm assuming he'll have double diaper duty while you're gone.)

  2. YIPPIE!!!!! Can't wait to see what you coming back doing!! I have the same goal about the states! Funny!

    Good on ya Rob! What a good husband and daddy you are!

  3. Yay that is so awesome! How long are you going for?

  4. Wow!! Thats so exciting! A kid free, educational, fun, new location! I'm jealous! I still haven't been west of Chicago.. lol

  5. YAY!!!! Congratulations Jax!! This is so great!

  6. Zach and I are competing on who has visited more states. We wanted to go to all 50, but we have decided we don't really need to see them all, like maybe Nebraska can be optional. Oh, and yay for you! Think of all you can get done by yourself!