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23 March 2009

little slugger

The raw athletic talent this child has will never cease to amaze me. It looks like I will be a soccer (and baseball and hockey) mom after all. If you come to see his games, I'll be the one with a book. But if he goes on to make millions as a pro-athlete I guess I can't complain.

p.s. do you love that lens (the one I used to take the pictures) as much as I do? It's my newest and I can't get enough of it.


  1. I was thiinking the same thing! what lense is it, I really like it?
    I hear you on discovering little boys talent.

  2. he is so cute! i can't wait til jake is doin stuff like that! great pictures too by the way :)

  3. Do you just walk around with your camera following him all day? I think if I took pics as good as you, that's what I'd do.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! He is so dang cute! I like the one of Rob helping him hit...what a great father son photo! You are amazing with a camera!

  5. This is what I fear most. You guys aren't so into sports, and yet your son seems to be very into them and athletic. And we are into sports, so what will that make Finley? He has to want to play. He has to!