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05 March 2009

i want one

Some days I wish there was a baby market where you could go and just pick one out, easy-peasy.


  1. Ya!!! And skip the torchures of pregnancy! Although it's still crazy & amazing having a real person growing inside. And I'm saying that with my 3rd & a hard pregnancy at that.

  2. aaaaahhhhhh!! you are such a tease with this ONE picture. can my kid really be that adorable?

  3. You two should make a girl, I think that would be pretty sweet. Then again, I've got a sister and no brothers but kinda wish that I did. Boy or girl, I know it would be cute as a button and sport some natty threads.

  4. That would be AWESOME!!! All this worrying and mess would just be a memory! What a wonderful world it would be!

  5. Jackie,
    First, I too want one!
    Second, I was wanted to ask you a favor...would you ask Rob to put the Enrichment announcement in the ward bulletin again this week? Enrichment is Tuesday and I just want everyone to know about it. Oh, I would ask him myself, but I LOST his email!