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30 November 2012

sorry for the cheesefest.


I just have to say I love this man. He's only been home two weeks and I wonder how I survived the six weeks without him. It's been almost eight and half years married, and a little over nine together. Crazy. I cannot imagine life without him, even if we drive each other crazy and fight over stupid stuff and have to deal with the fact that the Army owns him. (ok, not technically. But sometimes it feels that way) He is my best friend and gave me three gorgeous boys. (among other things) I'm constantly wondering what in the world he saw in me to make him choose me over all the other girls in this world. But I'm glad he saw whatever it was.

I just had to get that mushiness out.

But really, the point of all this is that you need to go give your main man (or gal) a big squeeze today if you can. Do it for all those wives (or girlfriends or husbands or whatever) out there who want to so bad, but can't. I know I will be giving mine several.

(maybe more if he walks the dog...)