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27 December 2012

we had a fabulous christmas.


We stayed in pj's all day, took our sweet time opening presents (the boys lost steam about halfway through; Max even stopped to take a donut break), stuffed ourselves full of bacon and pancakes and hot chocolate, watched Home Alone (we got it for Christmas and the boys have never seen it before... they weren't so into it. Except for the part where the guy's head is set on fire. That was funny to a 6 and 2 year old), tried out our new video games, played with new toys, and took a nap. We did have a couple hiccups to our plans; Nick was sick Christmas Eve and Oskar got sick later that evening. So after staying up reeaaaallllly late wrapping gifts Oskar then screamed every half hour the rest of the night. So Rob and I were zombies Christmas day. We ended up nixing Christmas dinner of calzones due to me falling asleep and running out of time to make the dough (whoops). Thankfully we had plenty of leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner and breakfast. And we will have calzones later this week!

Now we are trying to reclaim our house from the chaos of the past couple of months... It is pretty slow going thanks to some little creatures that demand so much of my time. But I did manage to empty out my (small) closet and reconfigure it (getting rid of a huge stack of clothes in the process!)... now I just have to get everything back in there. Then it's on to the kid's room!

Oh, and I need to send out our Christmas cards. It only took three tries to get them printed right, and while they still aren't right (the bottom words are cut off) I ran out of time to try some more. Oh well, who needs things perfect anyway?

Please tell me I'm not the only person who feels like they are always a couple steps behind. Please?

Anyway, I hope you had a fabulous holiday! I still get warm fuzzies thinking about ours.


  1. The boys are so cute! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. Too bad everyone was sick! But it sounds like a great day!

  3. Bummer that everyone was sick! Glad you still had a good day though. :)

  4. You're not the only one who always feels a couple of steps behind! :) I have to tell you it is very reassuring to read this from you...as I think you seem as if you always take everything in stride and keep cool. It's a hour-by-hour thing for me.

    SO happy to hear you had a nice Christmas...love the ideas of Home Alone and calzones. Sounds like a great tradition for Christmas day...or a few days after....