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01 January 2013

a new year.


Last year I had one goal: Survive.

Well, and to birth a healthy baby. But really, all I wanted to do was get through the year in one piece.

I am happy to say I succeeded!

But this new year, I want more.

Every day brings me through the postpartum fog a little bit more, that much more closer to the real me. I'm grateful that I can feel it and see it in myself too.

So while I'm not quite back to normal yet, I know 2013 will be the year I'm officially back. And that knowledge has given me hope that I can achieve some goals this year.

One year ago I sat and read about all the things my friends and family wanted to accomplish in 2012 and I was a little sad that I wasn't one of them. But I am so glad I recognized that anything more than simply getting through the day was more than I would be able to handle. I saved myself a lot of disappointment and self-loathing. Instead I told myself that next year it would be my turn. It would be my time to hope and dream again.

This year, with a new baby on my hip and puppy under my feet I make lists. Small lists, but lists none-the-less. And I guess only time will tell how I'll manage!

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year Jax!!!! Wishing you an amazing 2013. :)