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18 May 2007


As stated in an earlier blog, I am a nerd. So for those of you who may doubt my nerdiness, here is proof: I am a band nerd. Not just a "I took band" band nerd, but a "this is my life!" band nerd. In my high school, you started in 8th grade, not 9th, so I began my high school years in band camp, and faithfully attended band camp every August for the next 5 years. Now, my high school was unique- it was really small, but it was the only high school for the entire city (if you can't guess, it is a small city) so it was really diverse. And, amazingly enough, you could be in band and still be cool! Not that I was cool, but other people were. Unfortunately, as the years went on my school- James Monroe High School, or JM or Jayem as it was affectionately dubbed, began to slowly become more of a mainstream high school, and now is fully transformed, so everyone in band is now not cool in any way. But, in the good old years I was there band was for everyone and fun. Band encompassed concert band, marching band, and parades, and I did all of the above. I was never involved in athletics of any kind- I was all about band. I play the flute, and along with the flute, I also did pitt a couple of years (they're the ones that stand on the sidelines and play the xylephone, suspended cymbal, marimba, etc.), and played the piccolo my senior year, and then for concert band I was the orchestra's flute person, so if they had a song that had a flute part, I would do it. I have so many memories of band- CRAZY memories of competitions and football games and band trips. We were crazy, we could rival the most extreme sports fans. To this day, every time I hear a marching cadence played, or watch the movie Drumline, my heart starts pumping and my spine tingles. Ah, those were the good old days. As for you sports people, you have no idea what you missed out on.

The arrow points to me, in one of the many parades we would march in, and usually won.
Again, the arrow points to me. This was my 9th grade year- we're in Atlanta for a competition, my first year as first chair flute.
My 8th grade year- I can't believe how small I was.
9th grade- I was so upset I forgot to take my glasses off.
At one of our many marching competitions.
Me and my best friend from high school, Nichole, at a football game. She is the #1 band nerd and I am the #1 1/2 band nerd- our friend Anne was the #2 band nerd.
Me playing the bells at a football game one of the years I did pitt- our theme for the marching show was disco or something like that, hence the disco ball earrings.


  1. LOVED the pics, Jackie. I grew up in a small town with just one high school, too. And we had cool people in band. I wasn't in it, but my sister was and she was WAY cool. Can't wait to hear you play the flute again.

  2. i love the fact that i randomly read your webpage to find that im randomly mentioned. you forgot to tell everyone you were voted "miss band" (tied with me of course)