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19 May 2007

Fun in the Kitchen

My sisters came over last night, and we decided we were going to make dinner. My youngest sister, Laura, is obsessed with Japan so we decided we would make an Asian-inspired dinner. However, in addition to being obsessed with Japan, she is a vegetarian, so that added an additional challenge. But we pulled off our gourmet meal, complete with Asian dishes (they were wedding gifts or cheap).

We did a three-course meal: first we sauteed asparagus in sesame oil...
Then we made egg-drop soup, but instead of chicken broth we used a vegetable broth...
And then for the main course we made a vegetable curry over rice, and then my sister Paige and I saw a Phoenix Asian Cuisine billboard that had a noodle bowl filled with vegetables and stuff and were determined to replicate it. So next to the curry is a noodle bowl filled with roasted vegetables that are sprinkled with garlic powder.
We made quite a mess and had a blast and it tasted delicious! Sometimes trying new stuff pays off.


  1. This food looks delicious AND beautiful. Leave it to Jackie to make it look amazing. You are a real inspiration to try new things. Oh, and I've been practicing that song and I can play it MUCH better now. So hopefully this week I won't hold you back so much! :)

  2. Wow that looks very good. I love asian food too. Especially dumplings! I don't know if they make those with only veggies though. We missed you at church yesterday! Rob was in primary and it made me laugh because he is so big sitting next to your small kids.

  3. Mmm...mmm...mmm. Great food. Great presentation--why haven't you taught an Enrichment class yet? :)

  4. Yummy! Japanese food is my favorite, so looking at your pictures made me really hungry. : ) Delicious!

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