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30 May 2007

Pirate Training Camp

Last week the Harmon Squad headed down to New Bern for Pirate Training! The crew left Greensboro in the distance Tuesday, reaching New Bern later that evening. Training began with a tour of the marina that night. The following day the crew headed for Little Red where Zach (Rob's cousin) captained a journey down the river. Lucky for the crew, it was a perfect day for sailing thus no one suffered from seasickness. Max, the youngest crew member, began the trip asleep, but woke up in time to "take the wheel" and guide our sturdy ship. However, he again fell asleep as the ship was guided back into harbor. That night the crew and captain tested the place's pool and found it satisfactory, including Max- this being his first venture into deep water. The next day found the crew travelling to Oriental to check out the marina, then onto the ferry to reach Beaufort. There the crew ventured into the Maritime Museum to read up on Blackbeard. Once sufficiently educated, on to Morehead to see Noel, another ship however, not a sailing vessel, and then on to the beach. This was another first for Max yet not a favorite. Then a hearty meal of seafood and a good nights sleep. Friday found the crew packing the car, then setting out on one last sail, but alas, the weather was not great for sailing and the crew found themselves baking under a merciless sun with listless sails. Then a quick drive through the historic downtown New Bern and on home. The next day found the crew, minus Max, gathering more information at the theater watching Pirates of the Carribbean 3: At World's End. And so ends Training Camp 1, with more to follow before the Harmon Squad are sufficiently ready to be real pirates.

In the car

Safely asleep
Enjoying the weather

Check out this good-looking pirate!

Manning the tiller
Our Captain

Asleep again

Guiding us safe into harbor

Next to Little Red

On the ferry

Singing sea chanties to his dorito

Not liking the cold sea water

On the beach with dad

Snuggled nice and warm with mom

The Jolly Roger- if only we had the money!


  1. Seeing Max sing to his Dorito made me first, laugh, secondly wish I knew more sea chanties, and thirdly, wish I had some doritos. mmmmm...doritos.

  2. I love the Harmon pirates! While on your journey, did you stick to the code?

  3. That picture of max serenading his Dorito is hilarious!

  4. Wow it looks like you guys had a blast! I so want to be a pirate too! And learn how to sail. I love Max's outfit. Too cute. Do they make one in my size?