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22 February 2008

I feel like my life is over.

Today I found out my hard drive is toast. It stopped working right before Christmas and Rob thought he could get it to work again, but didn't have time to work on it until today. And it's gone. All of Max's life up until Christmas was on it- luckily I have CDs of the first month or so of his life, but the rest is gone. Our trip west, the beach, his birthday, all of it gone. I think total there were around 7000 pictures of us, plus the photo shoots from this fall, and all the pictures of the exhibit. It's been a rough morning. We looked into data recovery, but it would be around $1600. Not in the budget right now. So, those of you whose pictures I took (all the people from before Christmas, if you were after Christmas I have them) would it be ok if I borrowed the CDs I gave you back? Or you could make a copy, either way. Don't worry about doing it now, I still have to get a new hard drive first. And this time I'll make sure I have backups. Just another example that we need to be prepared. An awesome computer file system backup thing called a RAID (I think that's what it is) has been on our list for awhile, and I figured I'd back everything up once we got one. It's just my luck that I would lose everything before we got one. So even if you don't have the easiest, most convenient way to be prepared, still do the annoying, time consuming thing so you don't lose everything.


  1. Oh Jackie that is so devasting! I am so sorry to hear that. I know it must be so frustrating. I have been meaning to back up all of our pictures for a while now. Maybe this will help inspire me to do it. At least you have some of the photos on your blog! Right? :(.

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  3. oh...i feel for you Jackie!

    isn't it somewhat depressing how much we depend on the technology around us, and how much it can really cause a stir when something goes wrong.


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  5. I am fearful of this every day for the same reasons - losing all my "documentation" of Shaelyn's life. We are getting something to back up our hard drive this weekend! I hope something can eventually be recovered. And thank goodness you did blog some of those adorably cute pictures (and put the rest on your coffee table).

  6. I am so sorry Jackie!!! How awful. I hope that eventually you guys can do the recovery and get most of your pictures back. This has definitely inspired me to back up our pictures. I am so glad that you were able to post a lot of really cute pictures of Max on this blog. He is SO precious.