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20 February 2008


Max currently has two favorite foods.  The first:  bananas.

He lunges for them every time we go to the grocery store and gets so upset that he can't eat them right then and there.  He also doesn't understand yet that they have to get ripe before you can eat them- if it were up to him he'd eat them when they were still green.  We had to get a new trash can because Max could reach inside it and would put random things in there or pull random things out.  It didn't became a priority, however, until one day I found he had pulled out a banana peel and was sucking on it.  Uh, can we say gross?  That night we went and got a new one.

His other favorite food are babybel cheese.  

Rob introduced him to these- I never would've thought to give a baby real cheese.  Anyway, he LOVES them.  He has a babybel cheese dance he does whenever he sees them- he sorta bounces up and down and sometimes throws a stomp or two in there.  He even licks his lips.  These are probably his most favorite thing in the world.  Unfotunately, they're not cheap so we could never get them very much, until we discovered Costco has them!  And in a big bag!  Oh, and we get the ones in red packaging.  These were also a catalyst for getting a new trashcan- one day I found him eating the wax.  Well, I guess I'll never have to worry about him being picky. 


  1. Oh I love babybel cheese. I use to eat them all the time as a kid because I loved unwraping them, then pealing them, and then eating them! So good and fun to eat! I am glad Max loves them too.

  2. Cheese and bananas?!? No wonder Max and Shaelyn are such good friends. Those are her two favorites, too!

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