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12 February 2008


As a mom, and an almost stay-at-home mom, I spend a LOT of time with my child. So much time, that I can get to the point where I need time to myself. Now, I can't just up and walk away from Max whenever I'm sick of him, so I have learned to cherish a very private time- when I am in the bathroom. It doesn't matter what I am doing in the bathroom, the door gets shut and I have some alone time (most of the time- sometimes he has to come to the bathroom with me and those are very tense experiences). So, if you're ever around me and I go to the bathroom and linger, that's why.


  1. Whenever you need some alone time, you can drop Max off at our house! We would love to watch him. And then you can have alone time in places other than the bathroom.

  2. Feel free to come over and linger in our bathroom anytime. : ) I will even clean it for you!

  3. Unless you are spending 10+ hours in the bathroom a day, I don't think that's called being selfish. I think it's called rejuvenating. :)

  4. Haha! Lucky that Max lets you shut yourself in the bathroom. In our house, bathrooms are NOT private!