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26 February 2008


I'm not the best housewife.

Perhaps it is because by the time I'm done with classes and homework I have nothing left. Or I could have just missed out on the housewife gene. Either way, for me to keep a clean house is a big deal for me, and this weekend I felt like I was finally making headway. (Our house hasn't actually been completely clean, all five rooms, since before we remodeled the bathroom) I was really happpy and very proud of myself. Big mistake.

We learn all about pride in the Book of Mormon, so I should have known better. The correct feeling I should have felt was being pleased with myself. So, to teach me a lesson about being prideful, Monday morning Rob went to take a shower and there was no hot water. That's right, our hot water heater broke. Not only was it broke, but it was horrible timing- we were already planning to replace it this fall when we remodel the kitchen and add an addition. Right now the blasted thing is in the kitchen along with the washer and dryer and I don't like that, so we are going to add on a mudroom where we could put them, that way we could have a real kitchen. So we didn't want to buy a new one now, only to have to move it or get another new one in the fall.

Luckily, Rob is the man and can fix everything. He opened it up and replaced the heating element and thermostat and stuff and it's all better. We have hot water again and didn't have to buy a new one. But now the kitchen is kinda trashed. Not as bad as it could be, but it's still a lot messier than it was before this all happened. Oh well, I'l just get back to work and think twice before being proud of myself again.


  1. Gosh. Rob really is the man. He can do it all can't he! Does he want to help David try to figure out how to install hard wood floors? I think that is our next big project.

    And I wish I could say I feel you on the cleaning situation, but apparently I got the ocd housewife gene. I freak out when our house is dirty or messy (thus always the hesitation to new house projects) and get way too much satisfaction out of a completely clean house. So much that I don't want anyone, even David, to come in and ruin it. Sometimes I feel like locking him outside so that he can't walk around the house in his shoes and muck everything up! Ha ha ha. I know I am scary.

    It could be worse though. One of my relatives gets naucious at the sight of clutter.

  2. Natalie I'm with you on the OCD. I cant let anyone come over until I have cleaned our place. I dont know what happened to me. It might have been the mission and living with sisters that didnt care. Its also hard to keep the house in order when you have a little one running around the house messing it up behind you as you clean.

    Rob must be great to have around. I love Greg but he is just not Mr. Fix it. Rob could teach him a few things.

  3. Boo! I hate broken appliances. I'd much rather spend money on something fun than a new hot water heater or garbage disposal. So glad Rob could get it fixed for ya.

    I'm with you, Jackie. I don't embrace the cleaning side of my housewife role....or the cooking side...I guess I mostly just like to play with my kids and shop. :)