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08 March 2008

I'm so Spoiled aka Fun at the Apple Store

My new toy.
My new best friend.

Yesterday we made a highly-anticipated, much deserved purchase: a new imac. It is a thing of beauty. We have wanted one since they came out around the time we got married, but as the price tag is a little high, we had to wait and save up. So, in light of my business opening soon, we set a date and went to Durham to get it! We ended up staying there about 4 hours- Rob wanted to see if they could fix a piece of his laptop (purely aesthetic) but apparently you have to make appointments for that so he was on standby and had to wait. They were so busy it never happened, but it was ok- I think besides IKEA, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather have to wait. Granted, Max was ready to go by the time we did, but he did have fun playing on the demo computers for kids. My favorite purchase however, is our time capsule. The newest operating system, Leopard, has a cool feature called time machine that automatically backs up your computer. Ours is 500GB, but they have a 1 TB model too. So, in addition to those 500 GB (my laptop that I have been dealing with for 4 years has a 30GB hard drive. You can understand my excitement at 500GB) I also have another portable hard drive that is 500 GB. So I now have 1 TB of memory plus the 320GB hard drive on the computer itself, I'm good. And it's a good feeling.


  1. Getting a new computer is so exciting! Did Max enjoy the scary gold children at south point? David hates those statues and thinks they are so freaky looking.

  2. Yay! I love your blog. I'm going to blog stalk you. dun dun dun

  3. While I can't say I'm a huge mac fan, I will admit to being a huge storage space fan. Mmmmmmm. . . Terabytes.