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01 March 2008

just some randomness

Max is my own personal mess maker...

The other morning after I got Max dressed I laid him on the couch, and he just laid there instead of getting up like he usually does.
Max LOVES stickers- he's even gotten to the point that he sticks them on himself.
And my friend Nicolle did this on her blog, so I thought I'd do it too...

Here is a picture of my bag, and all of it's contents. Even as a kid I was a pack rat, so don't be surprised by the amount of stuff I carry around.
This is my Frank Lloyd Wright bag that I got in Oak Park. It's just a tote bag, so to help keep myself organized, I have little pouches to hold everything.
So there are all the pouches- I have a grand total of 6, plus my wallet, coin purse, keys, phone, notebook, whatever book I'm currently reading, planner, and baggie of toys for Max.
Now, for what's inside the pouches: tissues, fruit snacks, calculator, wrist brace, ipod shuffle, tic tacs, friendship bracelet I'm working on, bandaids, moleskin, hair bands, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, watch, mascara, rubber bands, post-it tags, flash drives, pencils, pens, sharpies, eraser, scissors, box cutter, pocket knife, flashlight. I think that's it. Granted, I had just cleaned out my bag a few days before- in another week or so there'll be a bunch of other random things in there.

And another random piece of information- I got my cap and gown last week! It's weird how that is what finally makes it real. Thursday I was walking to class- I had to do park and ride, so that meant I had to walk across campus instead of just getting dropped off at the building my class is in. The route from the bus stop to the Science building goes by the three buildings that housed the Interior Architecture department before our new Studio Arts building was built. As I walked, I remembered what they looked like my first semester at UNCG- the fall of 2003. And for the first time, I started to reminisce about my time there. All I've been feeling is I WANT TO LEAVE but now I can see it from the other side. It's kind of sad. And I think I will miss it. Once I'm gone, which CAN"T COME SOON ENOUGH!!!!!


  1. I can't believe you can fit all of that in your little bag... very impressive.

  2. Those first few pics of Max are so cute. And I can't believe you can fit all that stuff into one bag! Amazing. And it all looks so neat and organized which also impresses me.