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17 March 2008

It never seems to end.

I officially hate school.  All the motivation I found over break- I managed to clean the ENTIRE house, with the exception of a little mess in the studio and some laundry to fold- is gone.  I couldn't even force myeslf out of bed this morning- I think I got up an hour after I meant to.  It's going to be a rough 4 months.  But what can I say, this is my fifth year doing this.  I think everyone gets tired of this by that point.  

Anyway, I found a picture of Max on St. Patrick's day last year.  The pictures on my mom's computer are all I have left.  A tear is trickling out of my eye.
His hat was hand-knitted in Ireland, the land of my ancestors.  And my sister made the cute little booties he's wearing.  I miss the little baby...

Just looking at this picture, which was taken last week I think, proves Max is no longer a baby.  I realized yesterday, when I was thinking about how excited I am Max'll be in nursery next Sunday, that as soon as he goes, there's no turning back- he's on a one-way track to Primary.  Where did the time go?  


  1. that is quite a difference between the pictures! He's such a handsome kid.

  2. Look at that sweet little boy! No longer a baby indeed! He is so precious. I can't believe he goes to nursery next Sunday! Man the time flies!