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05 May 2009

it's raining today and you know what that means.

I'm moody. And tired. And having a hard time being happy. But something that makes me happy every time I think about it is the little package of goodies I got in the mail recently. My friend/former professor Suzanne has a fabulous blog called an open sketchbook (she is a FABULOUS artist) and she had a little giveaway recently where the 200th follower of her blog would get some goodies. And I was miraculously her 200th follower! When I signed up for it, I thought the quota had already been filled but I wanted to be her follower anyway (I'm new to that whole thing...) but it ends up I was it! So here's what she sent me:

I first met Suzanne when she was a grad student in the Interior Architecture Department at UNCG (I was just a lowly undergrad), and then she was hired on as a professor once she finished her degree. So she was one of my professors (and was FABULOUS at that too) last summer for my thesis. Well, the department just had a trip to Falling Water last month or so and I complained to Suzanne about them waiting until after I had graduated to finally plan a trip I would be interested in (the ones while I was in school were either too expensive or to places I'd already been a thousand times like Richmond or Baltimore). So she got me a little book from there that is full of PICTURES! Up until I got it, I'd only seen a couple of pictures of it, so to see the interior in a lot more depth is fantastic. Of course, it only makes me want to see it even more than before, so I think maybe a trip up there in the fall is in the works...

She wrote me a sweet note on the back of a print of one of her incredible drawings. Every time I see her work I'm inspired to start sketching again... And how cute is her business card?

Lastly, she sent me one of her sketches. It was the last thing I pulled out (after I'd fawned over the little book) and took me completely by surprise. And I, of course, cry every time I look at it. It's a drawing she did during the Loewenstein exhibit weekend, a moment I had forgotten about completely. For those of you who don't know, it was a TOUGH semester. I had a really hard time trying to balance everything in my life because there was so much work involved planning and executing this exhibit. But the one absolutely fabulous thing about it was how close the class got. This drawing is of Suzanne's husband Edgar holding Max during one of the presentations that weekend: Max was our class "mascot," he was just as much a part of the whole experience because he was there for a lot of it. It embodies what I miss most about school: my iarc family.


  1. Wow that is so incredible! Talk about a gift you will never forget, I think that drawing needs a frame! Beautiful

  2. Amber Snipes06 May, 2009 06:57

    So sweet! I miss everybody so much too! It was a bittersweet parting...glad the horrendous amounts of work are over but heartbroken you won't see everybody anymore. :(

  3. Sounds like it was your lucky day, girl. Yippee! Love that sketch!

  4. So nice. I would love to see that house too.

  5. Aw Jax...thank you for such a sweet post and wonderful wild things thank you note. I appreciate both more than you know.