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27 May 2009

my happy place

I've been having a really hard time recently (thankfully, all that's over with) and anything that made me happy I clung to with everything I had. This song was one of those happy things (I had it on repeat in my car and I can't tell you how many times it played). Rob and I never officially chose a song as "our song," but I think if we did it'd be this. It was originally sung by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, but I just love this version: I think Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman should sing together more often. I just love her harmony and the way she say stupid (something I only picked up on because of the number of times I listened to it).

and a side note: I would've posted the music video instead of this boring thing, but seeing as how it is Robbie Williams, the video is a little risque for a family blog. I guess when you're as good as he is, you can do anything you want (and he does).

1 comment:

  1. I love Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman...the quirkiness of them both is just right up my ally, but who would have ever put them together for a duet!!! Love it!!