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28 May 2009

little gems

As a photographer, I take a lot of photos. Unfortunately, clients get top priority so most of the time any pictures I take of my family never get looked at again after I upload them. But the other day when I was looking for a picture of Rob to put up here, I came across these. These were a couple of the pictures I took the day I got my new lens, right after I opened the box. So here is Max in all his (or more like my) glory: sweatshirt over his pajamas, bed head, rough-looking haircut, and snot. But I know I will treasure seeing him like this years down the road when I may only see him once in awhile, and only when he's dressed and groomed.

do you think those cheeks need pinching too?


  1. He is just the cutest little guy!!! I love how mischevious he looks all the time!

  2. those are great pictures! what a cute little guy!