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28 February 2011

the goodwins.

One thing we have learned since becoming a military family is that the one thing we don't have is time. When you and (pretty much) everyone you know move so often, there isn't time to wait or put off things like oh, making friends. Chances are, once you meet you only have a few months together before someone leaves. (I will confess, making friends is not something I'm good at so the thought "screw it, who need friends?" has crossed my mind. But that only leads to depression so I have charged onward and made friends) So when Tiffany and I met by chance, we both jumped at the opportunity to have a friend! Although she did the hard part of introducing herself; both of us lived in the same apartment complex in Oklahoma, and one day I went to the office (along with everyone else in the complex) to pay our rent. Well, I had given a talk in church the Sunday previous so she recognized me and told me who she was. I was so excited to meet her, but we both had business to do so after a brief conversation we parted ways. And I cursed myself when I got back to our apartment because I hadn't gotten her phone number or apartment number and had no way to reach her again until Sunday. Well, later that day we went out to run errands, and as we were getting in the car Tiffany and her husband Chris came walking up (I guess I had told her which building we were in). So we exchanged numbers, and got together for dinner later in the week, and the rest is history. We became best friends pretty fast. It's kind of crazy too, we are each other. Tiffany and I are so alike, and Chris and Rob are so alike. It's great. Unfortunately, we only had 4 months together before we left for El Paso, and they're now at Ft. Lewis:( But before we left Oklahoma I made them model for me. And oh, that Oklahoma light! I miss it. And I miss them. But these images make me so happy.


(Max thinks he's part of their family too)








IMG_9455 (1)




IMG_9469 (1)

(again, he couldn't resist popping in occasionally)


Tiffany, if you're reading this, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. Hahaha...beautiful photos. I especially love Max popping in :) What a hoot!

  2. Just read it. Love you too! You are the best!