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02 February 2011

home sweet home...

the Oklahoma version.

I know you're all dying to see pictures of our new house, but I can't do it until I've put up pictures of our home in Lawton first. This was my first and only experience (so far) of living in an apartment, and I didn't mind it. We were on the second floor so I know we drove our downstairs neighbors crazy (Max likes to jump from furniture to the floor), but it made it nice for us since we were on the top floor. And I do apologize for the clutter in these pictures. I had the apartment pristine twice while we were there, but both times I failed to take any pictures. And I kept putting off taking pictures of the place until it was pristine again, but it never happened. So these were taken the day before the movers came to pack (waiting 'til the last minute, the shame) and by that point I was kind of over cleaning 'cause we were leaving so there was no point.

Anyway, this is the view from the front door. The door to the left is to the master bedroom, followed by the living room, then the door to the office. Straight ahead is the door to the boys' room. Then on the right, the little doorway is the kitchen, then there's the dining room, then the boys' bathroom.

Here is the front door, with our lovely pile of shoes. The kitchen is on the left, the door to the master on the right.

And here's the living room. I never got around to hanging all of our pictures, just the big ones. Oh, and I can say for a fact that we had the most colorful apartment in the complex. When we'd take walks in the evenings I could see into lots of apartments and they would all be neutral. The door straight ahead is to the patio (which I failed to take pictures of), and out there we had two red chairs and a turquoise chair. It was easy for guests to find the right apartment thanks to my preference for color.

Our lovely new couch (that is a sofa bed, so convenient). Unfortunately it is now painfully obvious that my red chair is no longer red, so I'll be making a new cover for it soon.

And the other couch. The dining room is in the background.

And, the tv, dvd and cd racks, and part of the bookcase.

This is looking back towards the front door from the door to the boys' room.

Here is the kitchen. Definitely a step up from our old one. Although it wasn't as nice as I was expecting for a "luxury apartment." The cabinets were really cheap and flimsy and hard to fit actual dishes in. But I couldn't complain, it was new and clean and the top heating element in the oven worked!

Those double doors lead to the laundry room, with the pantry to the right.

And I was soooo happy the kitchen was big enough to fit our little island in it.

Here is the dining room. Despite this place being bigger than our house in NC, the rooms were a lot smaller so we had to get creative. So we ended up putting one of the bookshelves in here, along with the McDonald's counter that is supposed to go in my studio. Plus some other random stuff.



This is looking into the boys' room, the doorway to the office is on the left, their bathroom to the right.
And here it is. This room was a little squished too. Originally the only baby thing in here was the changing table, but then we ended up moving the swing into our room which pushed the bassinet into here. They also had the biggest closet (a huge walk-in) so their dresser was in there, along with Rob's army stuff and some other random things.




And here is the office. I didn't get the greatest shots 'cause it was so cramped in there. This is Rob's desk. (unfortuantely this room stayed pretty cluttered the whole time)

And my desk. And stuff.

Last up, the master bedroom. This is looking in, that door to the left is to our bathroom.


Our bed.

The other side of the room. And I'm not going to lie, I felt like the rich and famous when we bought a tv for our bedroom. It feels like such a luxury to have one in there. (and honestly, it is. I love watching movies while I fold laundry or in my bed at night after the kids are in bed)

I just had to put in this picture. He spends a lot of time in this bed too.

So, that was our home in Oklahoma. We really loved the complex. There was a waiting list to get in there, (because it's the nicest place in Lawton. It's advertised as being luxury, but really it's about standard for apartments in Greensboro. But after seeing the other apartments in Lawton, it really is luxury for that place) but we had a miracle. They just happened to have a cancellation on a 3 bedroom earlier in the day the same day we called about it. Heavenly Father was sure looking out for me, he knew I couldn't handle living anywhere else.

Up next, our El Paso house!


  1. Apartments are a challenge! But you're one up on me, I am refusing to hang any pictures here. Just don't see the point...can't wait to get in a house!!

  2. So, your apartment looks nice and full. Honestly, I'm a person who like stuff all over the place. Not necessarily a mess, but I love when little things are all over the place. It makes it feel "home". My room now has lots of random stuff all over the place, especially on the desk and anywhere I can put anything really.

    It doesn't look bad for an apartment at all, though I hate how they are all "if you paint, you have to paint it back to the old boring color when you leave". I never painted my apt. and now I don't have to....