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22 November 2011

the house I grew up in.

Well, no Sunday best this week, sick kids kept us from church. Hopefully by this weekend they'll be over this stupid cold.

Anyway, when we talked to my parents this week they let me know our old house in Fredericksburg is up for sale. Here is the listing if you want to see where I lived for 15 years of my life. It's different from when we lived there: the kitchen was remodeled (it used to be red... and in my opinion it would look amazing if it was still red) and the walls have all been painted blah. And the current furniture is HUGE (an American trend I will never understand. Big furniture means your house looks teeny). But the only thing that bothers me is my old room is PINK. Really?


But it's an awesome house, I have so many happy memories there. Not to mention it's still the location of most of my dreams. I only wish my parents still lived there...


  1. My parents sold the house I grew up in just two years ago and I still have to remind myself not to go there whenever I go "home" to visit. I have this strange urge to go there and see what the new owners have done to the place! (I hope the boys are feeling better soon!)

  2. That house is AMAZING!!! I want to live there!