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09 November 2011

someone is growing up WAY too fast...

I'm in denial. Nick is my baby, yet here he is turning into a little boy. And two things have happened recently to really rub that fact in.

First, he started nursery two weeks ago. (it's the children's class for 18 month to 3 year olds). If you're doing the math, yes that is a month early. I'm extremely grateful for understanding primary presidents. I teach the CTR 10 class and since Rob is gone a whole lot this means I get to wrangle a very mischievous toddler all by myself during church while still trying to fulfill my Sunday responsibilities. A few weeks ago I was in the hall with Nick during sharing time (since he was being a huge distraction) and the primary president came up and asked when he was going to nursery. I told her we still had about a month and she said "I think we can make an exception, go ahead and take him to nursery next week and I'll let the nursery leader know to expect him." And that was that. So the next week I took him, not sure if we would have a repeat of Max's experience. Yeah, I had nothing to worry about. He didn't even look back as he ran into the room. I tried to take a picture (like with Max) to commemorate the event, but all I got was this:

a blurry picture of the back of his head.

I'm so grateful he loves nursery and I don't have to worry about him for two hours of church.

And the second thing is he no longer sleeps here:

but here:

After a week of dealing with Nick waking up constantly in the night I was desperate to FIX this. I don't have any issues waking up all night with a newborn, but once we're no longer nursing I need. my. sleep. You would think the children would learn that waking mom up all night = a very grumpy mom, but no, they don't seem to get that memo. But after thinking about it I realized every time I went in to deal with Nick he was squashed up in a corner of his crib and maybe the problem was he'd outgrown it. So I asked Rob what he thought about moving him to the bottom bunk (which is on the floor so there's no worry about him falling out of bed, he'd just roll onto the floor) and he said let's give it a shot. So we did. And it worked! Nick hasn't woken up in the night since. If you look at the picture above, that is the way Nick sleeps, contorted into some weird position. So I think the bigger bed lets him roll around to his heart's desire without smashing into the sides (thus waking himself up). Although I do feel very sorry for his future wife...

But now we have those two big milestones reached, I'm content to wait a bit for the next one.


  1. Wow he really is growing up so fast. He is so cute too sleeping in that big boy bed!

  2. I can't believe he's in a big boy bed!! So fun! I totally can't wait for Max to be in nursery...I fight him all during Sunday School! The only break I get is when Kevin takes him while I'm in YW!