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28 November 2011

sunday best.

For some reason I think I look like a kid in today's photo. Am I the only one? And I love the brown tones of both Max and I; totally not planned. As in, Rob picked out Max's outfit and got him dressed before even seeing what I was going to wear.

dress: Target
sweater: Old Navy
leggings: Target
shoes: Minnetonka moccasins (SO comfy)

(and please excuse my slip hanging out in this photo, Max and I did some jumping photos prior to this one and it got jostled out of place...)


  1. For not planning this out, you two look cutely coordinated! P.S. Something is going out in the mail tomorrow... :D

  2. that boy looks like he's more than 1/2 your size now. and that he loves you very very much.

    lucky girl!

  3. Nice to see a lady that still wears a slip. Seems like so many women never wear them anymore.