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12 March 2013

i bit the bullet.

I've been working hard these past few weeks to update all my business 'stuff,' and since this blog is part of my business I decided it was time to look a little more professional from the get-go.

So The Harmon Squad is now found at www.harmonsquad.com.

Never fear, if you use the blogspot address you'll just get redirected to the new one, but if you're OCD like me go ahead and update it in your reader or bookmarks or whatever.

And I'm a little behind when it comes to all this social networking stuff, but I'm also taking this opportunity to let you know you can become my google friend! The little box is down on my sidebar, so if you do that sort of thing feel free to follow me! (no pressure though. I like blogging because I'm an introvert so I can make friends from the safety of my house, not because I feel the need for followers. So if you've been reading I'd love to get to know you!)

That's it for now! I'm sorry for the spotty posts, it's been a little chaotic but I'm hoping things settle down soon. I can tell you my introvert alarm has been going off a lot recently so some down time is really needed.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunlight in the evening now! I'm so excited we're starting the journey back towards the sun!