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04 March 2013

season of sickness.

Well. Three kids (and a dog) has me overwhelmed pretty much most days. But when you throw illness into the mix all I can do is try to survive.

Last week was full of puke and poop. Lots of it.

Thankfully we are all better and I'm hoping and praying we stay this way for a little while.

I remember sometime towards the end of January I stopped for a minute and reflected on how things were going. "Life's been pretty good recently; I've been productive, the kids are being good, we're all getting along, the house is staying in a reasonable state. What's the reason for this?" (usually life is kind of chaotic around here)

Then I remembered we hadn't been sick since Christmas. Oh yeah, being healthy is awesome.

But not long after ruminating on that we came down with the horrible cold that lasted two weeks.

Then we had a lull for a week or so before coming down with a stomach bug.

So February, I will not miss you. You were rough on me.

And March, please let your coming mean the end of our sickness. Please.


  1. So sorry to hear you were all sick! Hoping you guys are done for the season!

  2. So sorry that you all were sick, not fun at all. Get better!

  3. Yuck!! I bet that's stressful. Here's to a full and quick recovery!