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28 March 2013


Thanks for the "pep talks" on the last post! This week has been better, and I ended up with a free afternoon/evening yesterday so that helped a lot. The very long naps two of the three took yesterday afternoon were awesome too.


I took advantage of finally having some "free" time to do some long-overdue updating of business stuff. Of course the plan was to have this done with the new year, but life got in the way. So here we are almost into April with it done! (well, most of it. I still need to update the blog, we're missing two members of the Harmon Squad outside of the posts)

First, I finally updated my pricing!! I worked soo hard (with lots of tweaking over the past few months) to get it where it is, and I'm hoping it means seeing more faces through my lens. To see 2013's pricing you can go to the information page on my website, find it on the Jax Harmon Photography + Design tab here on The Harmon Squad, or find it on my facebook page.

Speaking of the facebook page, it got a complete facelift and now hosts a lot of information. Check it out to see all the new tabs, and if you are so inclined please like it! I'm no social media genius, but I'm slowly getting better at using them. (although I still haven't taken the twitter plunge. It still confuses the snot out of me)

And that's that. SO exciting, I know. (that's sarcasm) At least for you. I'm beyond excited to finally complete some things that have been hanging over my head for months!!

Now to tackle some more things on my to-do list...

(insert my children laughing)


  1. I'm glad you got a little bit of time to work on stuff!

  2. Glad you got time to yourself! :)