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08 September 2011

just be nice.

Life is hard.

Over the past year, and especially recently, kindness has been on my mind. I don't think anyone can argue the fact that there isn't enough of it in the world these days.

My goal since Rob joined the military has been to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but that is my goal. But recently I've been really feeling it. Like, I want to be more than kind. I want to be charitable.

I know that to be charitable is an eternal goal, one that I will strive for (and never actually reach) my entire life and beyond. But I want to try harder, to be more aware of more than just me and my own problems.

So this article really spoke to me when I read it a few days ago:
We Must See Past What it Seems…
I hope it speaks to you too.

And after reading that article, this video came to mind:

Who wants to join me? I think there's plenty of kindness and charity that needs spreading.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jax.

  2. that was a great video...sometimes I feel like I just want to say, "Hey, hope you know I've had a hard time." I hope we can all find someone to be charitable to and help them in times of need.