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02 September 2011

weekly interrogation: Bonnie Berry!

Today I welcome Bonnie Berry! She is one of my cyber photog friends and I still cannot believe I "know" her. (networking is an amazing thing, I pretty much always feel a little star struck with some of the people I have "met") In addition to creating beautiful images and artwork, she is probably one of the wisest people I know (she gives the best advice!). So I am so, so excited to have her here today!!

photo by Jonathan Canlas

name: Bonnie Berry
website: www.bonnie-berry.com

1.What do you “do”?
Photographer. Ex-graphic designer.

2. Why do you do what you do?
Because at heart I am really just a storyteller.

3.Where are you from?
San Francisco, California

4. Favorite color?
Three way tie: chocolate brown, robin’s egg blue, classic orange.

5. Favorite food?
I have oh so many, but for the sake of brevity I will go with sushi.

6. Favorite shoes?
Right now my Cole Haan slip on sandals.

7. Favorite place in the whole wide world?
The South of France.

8. Favorite piece of playground equipment?
Swings of course : )

9. Your funniest story?
The night my birth father (I am adopted) invited me to a huge party, but neglected to tell
anyone there who I was beforehand. So I got to experience hours of watching people’s
shocked faces. It is a longer, funnier story, but that is the condensed version.

10. Mac or PC?
Mac of course.

11. Manual or automatic?
Manual baby. What can I say? I am a control freak. Although I do have to use auto focus
now because I am getting old and going blind.

12. What do you consider your best asset?
Being myself (see answer 20).

13. Guiltiest pleasure?
Watching ‘Law and Order’ and eating something I shouldn’t be.

14. Biggest pet peeve?
Ignorance disguised as a personal choice.

15. What do you consider priceless?
Family and memories.

16. If you could sit next to anyone on an airplane, who would it be?
Dorothy Parker.

17. What would you choose as your last meal?
Probably pizza. It is my comfort food.

18. What era in time do you connect with the most?
The era of the Algonquin round table.

19. Your motto for life?
Keep passing the open windows. (John Irving)

20. Best advice you can give?
Truly be yourself. It is the best asset you have.

And here are some of my favorite images she's shot:

The feeling of this shoot gives me goosebumps:

I absolutely love the ones taken on the hammock:

(I am in LOVE with her son's school and adore every post Bonnie does about it):

That first image is my favorite. LOVE:

As a mom of boys too, these made me happy:

Thanks for reading!

If you'd like to participate, just click on the 'weekly interrogation' tab at the top and follow the instructions there. Hope to see you here!

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  1. THANKS Jax. I did not expect that you would choose some of my images to link to. That was SO great.