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29 September 2011

just braggin'

Not about me though, about my dad!

You see, my dad is a very talented guy. He got his Associates in Commercial Photography and his Bachelor's in Graphic Design. And on top of that is handy and can fix anything. Not to mention has his own wood shop in the garage where he's built all sorts of stuff. Basically, he can do anything.

After having his own graphic design business and then teaching visual arts he decided it was time for another change. So he now owns his very own Furniture Medic franchise!

And he's pretty good at it.

Here's his website:

It's pretty awesome what he can do. The furniture you think is 'done' and needs to be tossed? Chances are he can make it look like new again. I'm not pulling your leg either, I got to see some transformations while we were in NC this summer.

I'm not the only one who is impressed, Orson Scott Card is too:

The Help, Refinishing, Wonder

(Refinishing is the part about my dad; skip down past the section about the Help and there it is)

I've been privvy to some pretty awesome genes, if I do say so myself. (my mom is incredible too!)

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