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12 September 2011

sunday best!

This week I finally pulled some pre-baby stuff out of the closet to see if it fit and it did!! Finally. I was getting very tired of wearing the same two skirts.... And what's even better is that it was this skirt, one of my absolute favorites!

shirt: Old Navy (surprised much?)
sweater: Old Navy
skirt: Forever 21 (I miss having knee-length skirts in fashion. Stupid mini skirts)
shoes: Target (little girl's! Sometimes having small feet pays off)
necklace: Saddleblanket place here in El Paso (I LOVE turquoise)



Usually once we get home from church I throw on some pj's or something, but this week I liked this outfit enough I just threw on some jeans instead:
(being small doesn't usually pay off in the pants department...)

1 comment:

  1. my favorite favorite outfit by far! wish i could steal that skirt - and fit into it!!! ;)