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27 September 2011

my five year old.

Well, ready or not it came. Max's fifth birthday. I'm happy to say I think he enjoyed it, which makes you feel like you've done something right as a parent...

So, here is my five year old in all his glory:
I made him his crown and shirt the night before his birthday... for some reason it didn't cross my mind to do them until the last minute. (typical)

I was also not planning on doing a party since we'd already done one this year (before you butcher me, they're a lot of work and money and I think it's good for you to not go all out on every single birthday as a kid. Makes you stronger and all that jazz). But Rob told me I was a terrible mother for even having such thoughts and insisted we do one. So we scrambled and put one together last minute. So no cute invitations or themes this time around.

Max does like Captain America a lot so I made these cupcakes for him:

Nick really liked them, that's for sure:

Of course, Max really liked getting sung to and blowing out his candles:

And I made him a pinata... I figured that was enough activity for us and it doubled as the goodie bag. I made it myself, following this tutorial. It was really easy, just a little time consuming, and I love how it turned out!

Unfortunately it was a little too well made for these little kids, although they gave it their best shot:
(also, I realized the day of the party I had no idea how we were going to hang it. We have no trees here and it was really heavy after I filled it. Thankfully I have Rob who was able to jerry-rig something up)

After the kids gave up we let Billy have a go:
He successfully tacked the beast and the kids attacked.

Max also got completely showered with gifts, and for the first time dug right into the pile without waiting for anyone or anything once he decided it was time. It was a new experience for me not having to guide the present opening.

I'm glad he had a great time, especially since the rest of us were sick all weekend and were no fun. Thankfully Max escaped it and managed to get in lots of time on his new video game:)


  1. What an awesome pinata! Great job Jackie! Happy Birthday Max! I still can't believe he is 5!

  2. Love the pinata!!! His crown looks like Max's from "Where the Wild things are".


  3. That pinata was absolutely fabulous! You're so crafty! :D