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03 October 2012

every time i sit in a parking lot and nurse,

I think of you, Shelley.


I think of our conversation last summer as you sat in your minivan and nursed your third child while the other two ran wild through the car, as I now nurse my third child in parking lots while my other two children run wild through the car and my fuel efficiency monitor gradually diminishes in number as I blast the a/c.

Being a mom is awesome.

(most of the time. Not so much when you have to nurse in a Wal-Mart parking lot and creepsters try to look in your car to see what you're doing.)


  1. YESSSSS!!!!!!! of course you know i love this! and i love my "mother's room on the go." this is how crazy i am - for added privacy, i got an additional set of windshield shades and would put up the one in my windshield, and then one in the passenger and driver door windows. total privacy, shade, and anything else you need so baby (and you!) don't get distracted.

    plus the kids love being able to run wild in the car without their seatbelts on. good times had by all.

    love you!

  2. So creative! You are an awesome mom Jackie! Miss you.