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12 October 2012


This week was hard. And today really topped it off.

It's hard to be a mom. It's 24/7. And now that I have 3, it feels like 72/21.

There has been no motivation here either. I know the exact cause and thankfully that case will be gone next week, but then I will have to fight a new battle. And it's an even scarier one.

My house is a disaster (note above). I do not like it.

Oskar has pink eye. Which means we're all going to have pink eye. So we're on lock down until further notice.

It took 4 hours just to get that fact confirmed. After already being out and about for four hours.

It was a long day.

But we did find out Oskar has gained another pound the past week. Little pig.

Being gone that long meant the dog was in her crate that long. So a trip to the dog park was necessary to curb her crazy. (and believe me, I'm having major mommy guilt over this. We were NOT supposed to be gone that long)

So I'm off to crawl into bed with a chick flick. (Rob has no say in this matter...) Chocolate covered strawberries would help too, but an ice cold pepsi will have to suffice.

As a farewell, here is a picture of how my brain feels these days:
One day in the past couple months this crazy dust devil blew across the highway. I'm pretty sure I've got a few of them inside my head scrambling things around...


  1. I hope you are able to relax over the weekend! I really hope you all don't end up with pink eye and I hope it goes away soon for Oskar!

  2. You know after I had baby #3, I felt like I lived in a cloud. Like my brain never quite got back to normal until he was about 8 months old. It's really hard being a mom of 3 who are all so young. I totally agree with the 72/21 statement! I hope the dust devils can find a new home, outside your brain, soon!