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08 October 2012

sunday best: pregnancy edition

As any (or at least most...) pregnant woman knows, the last few weeks of pregnancy are really rough on your self esteem. It's kind of hard to feel pretty or cute when you're getting swollen and humongous. So this outfit did the impossible; I didn't feel like a million bucks but I felt more attractive than normal:) It's the same dress as here, but with different accessories this time.

dress: Gap Maternity (thank heavens for that OCS ball so I could own this dress!)
shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins
belt: supposedly Guatemalan made; I got it at a touristy shop in Estes Park Colorado
necklace: bought on our trip to the Petrified Forest this summer; made by an artist local to that area!


And I'm pretty sure I was around 33 or 34 weeks here.

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